Out of the fire

"Out of the fire and into the oven wasn't really a good fit for the situation. More like from one hell to another slightly different hell. Like the difference between sitting on a thumb tack or breaking your toe. Sure it's a different place, but is it really that different?

If they thought his stay in that prison was long, then his time being trained was longer. His mind was completely destroyed by that prison and it would take a while to make his mind something usable again. Being taught all the tricks he would need to impress a buyer.

This was done of course with a combination of both technologically advanced methods and tried and true methods. It was no wonder his mind was broken so thoroughly.

How many years had it been? No one cared to remember, the documents where there and on a casual search a secretary found out he had been in that prison for a year, and trained for 5. How long until he was sold? Until the staff where done with him.

Not much was left but a good boy, and they wouldn't allow it to be any other way."